How to fix mail problems in yahoo 



 Apple is the word largest brand  its serves technical products it has high revenue with great information technology and it the 2 largest company after Samsung in the mobile   manufacturer 

 Apple has its own software, web browsers like safari and final cut pro .for apple services you can go apple tech support 



 Some apple product  


 It is a computer accessory with the keyboard, a mouse  trackpad magic keyword. and airport wireless also have many products like iMac .macbook, mac book air, mac book   pro with wifi option the speed of the mac is very good nowadays the importance of laptops is   going down and mac demand is going to increase highly reputed company use mac for there   organization.















 It is digital music player iPod brand is now the market leader in music player app has partnered   with Nike to see Nike plus iPod sports kits but in July apple leave the iPod nano and iPod shuffle   models only iPod touch is now available In the market you can also check on apple customer care




















 Apple watch  

 It is a smartwatch Apple watch is for the health and fitness tracking. It connects with your   phone  to deliver notification and app use this as a flashlight you can use this watch in water   use easily get direction in apple watch connect with your car get facebook message use   facebook  you can use this as a phone you can answer your call.use it as camera viewfinder you   can control your tv or iPhone from this watch  Apple support always be with you  
















 iPhone is a smartphone made by apple it runs the ios operating system apple have 2 million   apps, Apple iPhone release iPhone models with new design iPhone have thinner layer lite   weighted phone with an apple logo on the back side of the phone.iPhone models, iphone3g,   3gs 4 and 4s .i phone 5,5c. 5s, iPhone SE iPhone 7,8,9,x .visit apple help . it provide all the apple   services  

 Apple has many products like apple tv, iPad but these are the topmost product of the Apple   iPhone have maximum reach. where apple watch have not popular than Apple iPhone but it   works good, basically apple have high revenue in information technology you can contact customer service














































 Gmail is the mail service which provides a free mailing service to the user for sending and receiving message. we  are here to give you the   solution to all your problems related to the Gmail. You can also read search engine land

 The user faces multiple problems regarding the Gmail like Gmail not working, Gmail got down, Gmail won't load, email errors, so we are   here to help you for resolving all your problem. Gmail provides a   wide range of services but the user also get a lot of errors to resolve   this a user can communicate with our expert team through Gmail Customer Service  









1.Sync Issue 

 This is the very common issue sometimes Gmail fail to sync, this can   happen for a lot of reason. You are not able to send and receive   emails you got an error message that your "account not sync" or email session is expired. 

 For these cases, you can follow some easy steps- 

 -Restart your device again if you got tried a lot to log in again and again. 

 -Sometimes the app you are using is an outdated version 

 -This is the most common problem sometime user get connection lost by activated Airplane mode, so check the connectivity of the   device. 

 -Sometimes user turned off the Gmail Sync, so go to the Gmail   setting. 

 -At last, just clear the data of your Gmail app. 

 For more help, you contact us on Gmail Support 














2.Missing Message 

 Sometimes user not able to get the message in the inbox, it can happen when you delete the unread message or archived them then   you are not able to to see the message. We provide expert advice for your problem go to Gmail Customer Support 

 -You can fix this by checking your trash folder in Gmail. 

 -By searching the mail in the search mail you can get the mail. 

 -you can Click on ALL MAIL folder you can check the archived emails.  


3.Forgot Password 

 This is the most common problem faces by most of the users, the  user is not able to access the account or fail to log in the account, for   this google provide multiple tools to resolve this problem. 

 You can resolve this by multiple solutions through Account Recovery. 

 -By Alternative Recovery Email Address. 

 -By Recovery Phone Number. 

 -By Security Question. 

 -By clicking on ‘forgot password' you can easily do all these given recovery options. If still, you are not able to resolve your problem by   these given solutions, contact our expert team on Gmail Tech Support. 


Gmail Not Working We Help you 

Apple and its common product 

 As we all know yahoo as an email service launched in 1997 by American company. Yahoo email provide free services for   normal use or for business it offers paid to .it is the third largest web-based email services. In yahoo mail it I very easy to   send or receive a message. But many user-facing issues  just because of  different reason but we give you some suggestion   to  fix your error or for further quires, you may contact yahoo support 


   Fix your sending email issue 

  •  #   First, you have to sure that email sent  or not.

  •  #  Then check the email address is correct of the receiver or not. 

  •  #   Check your sent mailbox. If the message is in the sent mailbox then your message is sent or if it is not sent then it is in the draft box .Then you have to check your sender email address .


    Ask the recipient to check mail account 

  • # Check your spam folder .

  • # Blocked address just because it has not been sent your email address to their block email list 

  • Also, check filters list .


















    Fix issue in receiving emails  

    If there is an error in your account check  
             # Open your yahoo mail account then send the message to yourself. 
             # In case if you found any error then check it or fix it .if you not seen any error then it is working properly. 

      Check your setting in your yahoo account  

  • # Blocked email address. 

  • # Check filters. 

  • # Check reply email id.  

  • # Ask the sender to check their account.  

  • # Ask the sender to ensure that he is correctly entered your email address. 

  • # At last, ask them for assistance from the email service provider.

  •  After all, this if you are again stuck in this problem then visit yahoo tech support they are available for you 24*7 



Apart from other issues IMAP/pop in your yahoo account has also created the problem. If you are accessing your account via an email client .the correct IMAP/pop correct setting are these: 

Server setting for yahoo email  

  • Incoming mail server 


2.Port: 993 

3.Requires SSL yes  

  • Outgoing mail server 


2.Port:465 or 587 

3.Require SSL: yes 


Your login info  

1.Your complete email address 

2.Your correct account password 



Pop server setting for yahoo mail  

incoming mail server: 


2.port is 99 

3.requires SSL is yes 


Outgoing mail  


2.port 465  

3.require SSL: yes  

4.require TLS: yes 
5.require authentication is yes 

Your login info  

Your complete email address with correct password  



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