Facing problem while watching your television show don’t be annoyed geek squad tech support   is   here to give you some tips regarding television issues if something small issue then solve at   home or  otherwise contact geek squad support








 Television turning on automatic   

  1. If it happens with your television then change the battery of the remote.


  2. If you are getting unwanted signals from the receptor you can check this to cover up the infrared     on the front of your television with a piece of foil.


  3. A plug on unplugging your television back then plug back this resets logic functions which it may     be caused by the glitch.


 4. Then added other remote and new devices it may be interfering with the television. then connect   again the device to check its working or not this point again connect your devices one at the time.


  At the side of the screen different patch color displays

  1. This thing usually happens when the result of the magnets in the speakers that are positioned to close to set is taken auxiliary speakers away from the set and see it resolves the problem.

    If it is not working you have to put in some elbow grease. if you notice in the picture then the mask     shadow mask inside the tube is more than distorted. if it is then you have to change your tv or you  may contact best buy geek squad









 Vertical or horizontal line display on the screen

 1. This is happened due to the magnetic waves which are coming from the speakers or other devices   that placed near the tv. so change the place of that device or change your tv place.


 Discoloration of picture

 It happens very rare when your tv starts normally but after sometimes color get destroy so to solve   this you have to do that switch of the tv unplug the socket keep on a switch off mode for sometimes   then again restart the tv after all this it is again not shown then you have to repair your tv call geek  squad number they visit your home and resolve all your queries.


 Only picture display but no sound/sound but no picture

 Change the audio setting from the menu check if you on the wrong sound system / check the   brightness and contrast the and try to set that to a maximum.


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